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    The unique software to manage Nursing School’s Students information like Medical Transcription Records, Bio-Data, Leave Records, Admission Register. This software also manages Teaching Staff details and Library System with comprehensive data entry screens and reports for every option. With this Nursing School Software, user would be able to enter their student’s master data as well as ...
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    I already posted about my Hospital Management Software based on Oracle Forms and now I am giving an option to users to buy its OPD and IPD Registration part with billing system, I extracted a part of this software so that users can buy easily in low price and if they satisfied then they can ...
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    Download free software for Courier & Cargo / Logistic services. A very good software for small to midsize Courier companies to handle day to day consignments they receive from their clients. The software is having comprehensive reports for tracking and billing purposes. Download CourierProSetup.rar from Google Drive with the following link: Download Also providing the ...
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    Yes… Now you can free download and run this vb.net based utility to backup Oracle Archive Logs. I developed this utility in 2011. This utility is developed to copy archive logs automatically from its default location to another location whether it is on FTP or locally.  The functionality of this software is to copy automatically ...
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    Custom software or tailor made software is software that is specially developed for some specific organization or other user. Since custom software is developed for a single customer it can accommodate that customer’s particular preferences and expectations. If you need any custom software for your business, office, home or a simple data entry form to ...
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    Oracle Database Replication Software to replicate Oracle database to another server for real time backup and other purposes like reporting, web etc. The software is based on Oracle Streams, a built-in feature of the Oracle database, is a data replication and integration feature. It provides a flexible infrastructure that meets a wide variety of information ...
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     CollegeControl is the fees collection / processing software for schools and colleges. Options are:    1    Student Master Data Entry   2    Fees Receipt Generation   3    Total Fees Collection Report Summary   4    Receipt Number Wise Report   5    Class and Section Wise Fees Pending Report   6    Class and Section Wise Fees Collection Report