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    Get_File_Name is built-in function of Oracle Forms 6i, used to get the file name with address by browsing the file. You can browse a specific extension name file or with multiple extensions using wild cards.  In this example I am showing three different usage of Get_File_Name function, one is given for to get any Csv ...
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    Displays the standard open file dialog box where the user can select an existing file or specify a new file. SyntaxFUNCTION GET_FILE_NAME(directory_name VARCHAR2,file_name VARCHAR2,file_filter VARCHAR2,message VARCHAR2,dialog_type NUMBER,select_file BOOLEAN; Returns VARCHAR2 See also: A Practical example of Get_File_Name built-in Parameters directory_name Specifies the name of the directory containing the file you want to open. The default value ...
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    Below is the example to read an image file from client in Oracle Forms 10g with the help of webutil library. Note: Webutil library must be attached to the form. DECLAREv_file VARCHAR2(250):= CLIENT_GET_FILE_NAME(”,”,‘Gif Files|*.gif|JPEG Files|*.jpg|’,‘Select a photo to upload’,open_file,TRUE); it_image_id ITEM := FIND_ITEM(’emp.photo’);BEGINCLIENT_IMAGE.READ_IMAGE_FILE(v_file,”,it_image_id);END;