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About Vinish Kapoor

Howdy! I’m Vinish Kapoor. Welcome to my blog!

I started this blog in 2013 to narrate my programming skills and work experiences. Vinish KapoorI like sharing my work and ideas with everyone by writing blog posts on the technologies I work. But frankly speaking, I am not a good writer, but as I like sharing my work to help others, I try to write ;).

I started my career in 2001 at Lucknow (my birthplace), and my first programming language was dBase III Plus, after that, I moved to FoxPro and then on Oracle. Currently, I am working for an IT company at Delhi NCR, and in my leisure time, I create new recipes for applications and try my hands on the latest trends in programming.

Primarily I write about Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle Apex, WordPress, and about Blogging. Usually, I write small articles for any topic by giving an example of code, so that the reader can quickly find for what he was looking. I developed and implemented software applications for multiple domains. Here is the list:

  • Hospital & Medical Institutions
  • Education
  • Hotels
  • Courier & Logistics
  • Legal
  • Finance / Share Trading
  • Retail

Also, I like to do Meditation and Exercise. I like to travel, I have been to Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Macau, and Hong Kong many times due to onsite work and looking forward to visiting more countries :).

My contribution on other sites:


Oracle Technology Network

Some useful tools developed by me:

Online Tools


Blog Development

Websites owned:

  4. (Created using Jekyll)

I’d love to hear from you! Please connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some of my pictures:

Vinish at Venetian casino Macau.
At Venetian Casino Macau.
Vinish at Central Hong Kong.
Central, Hong Kong.
Vinish At Disney Land Hong Kong.
At Disney Land Hong Kong.
Vinish at Universal Studio Singapore.
At Universal Studio, Singapore.
Vinish Kapoor at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
At Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
Vinish with family at Hong Kong.
With family at Hong Kong.
Vinish with family at Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong.
With family at Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha), Hong Kong.
Vinish at Shek O Beach, Hong Kong
At Shek O Beach, Hong Kong.