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About Installing JDK On Your System

Install JDK in your system
After installation set the path and class path in command prompt as follows:--
 set path=%path%;e:j2sdk 1.4.2bin;
set class path=%class path%;c:j2sdk 1.4.2lib;
j2sdk contain java compiler , interpreter ,JRE and other tools.
Java program is secure and portable: --- java compiler generate byte code instance of executable code(as in c/c++) this byte code is run(interpreted) by JVM.JVM is  a set of instruction which is used to run  byte code. Also we can say that JVM is interpreter for byte code.
E:---j2sdk 1.4.2:----bin---*.exe(javac.exe/java.exe/jar.exe)
E:---j2sdk 1.4.2:----lib---*.jar
Path:--------- %path%;e:/j2sdk1.4.2_04bin;
Classpath:---- %classpath%;e:j2sdk1.4.2_04lib;