Best Oracle Apex Books

Oracle Apex books.

Oracle Application Express or Oracle APEX is one of the greatest platforms for creating and managing web applications. Today several large-cap companies use Oracle APEX for managing their databases. If you are looking for a career in Database Management or Application Development, learning Oracle APEX is essential. There are many ways to learn Oracle APEX, but learning through a book will always be important. Read on to know about the ten best Oracle APEX books ever written.

An online IDE and Low code environment are the main attractions of Oracle APEX for application development. There are several benefits of using Oracle for application creation as well. Some of the benefits include scalability, simple creation and deployment, and a variety of application templates. Oracle APEX, developed by Oracle Corporation, manages only Oracle Databases. Administrators with the knowledge of PL/SQL can create web applications in Oracle’s IDE.

10 Best Oracle Apex Books

1. Expert Oracle Application Express – Doug Gault, Dimitri Gielis...

This book is the amalgamation of the knowledge of industry leaders in Oracle APEX. Every author has a section in the book where they discuss a particular topic. This book can prove to be an important turning point in their career to an Oracle APEX professional. For an average professional, 40% - 50% of the techniques and tricks in this book will be new information. This book provides insights on how expert professionals around the world tackle problems in Oracle APEX development.

Expert Oracle Application Express covers main topics in Oracle APEX like globalizing, configuring, and deploying an application. The 2nd edition has topics related to Oracle REST Data Services, map integration, and the new page designer. It has topics on how to debug, secure, deploy, and boost the performance of applications. In short, the book is a guide to customizing your application through Oracle APEX.

It won’t matter if you are a professional developer or a beginner. This book provides several examples and practices to understand and learn the concepts of Oracle APEX.  The combined knowledge of the authors is what makes this book the leader among the top 10 best Oracle APEX books. It makes this book a must-have for every Oracle APEX expert.

About the Authors:

All the 15 Authors of this book are in careers involving Oracle APEX. They have come together to pen this book from their varied experience and skills. They discuss topics that they face trouble with while working with Oracle APEX in their workplaces. Such a combination of insights from several authors helps the reader to know about the scenarios related to application development.

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2. Understanding Oracle APEX 20 Application Development: Think Like an Application Express Developer – Edward Sciore

Understanding Oracle APEX 20 Application Development is a great book in the top 10 best Oracle APEX books. It explains the properties and functions of every APEX tool in a detailed manner. A reader can understand the several important topics of OrcleAPEX, including formatting, reports, data entry forms, concurrency, and security control.

This book is for developers who wish to adapt to APEX and learn about the basics of application development through APEX. This book will teach a novice developer to create highly functional applications from scratch. They will also learn integral features of Oracle APEX to enhance & customize web pages, integrate security, and create verification systems & interactive grids. The book is also suitable for professionals who want to learn about the key points to becoming a successful developer.

About the Author:

Edward Sciore was an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department of Boston College. He retired with over 3 decades of experience in teaching students. Edward Sciore’s field of research was Database Systems. He is also the author of several books on Database Systems.

Being a teacher, Edward Sciore beautifully portrays every topic in his books. The reader can easily understand the language used in his books. In this particular book, Edward Sciore teaches the reader how to become an APEX Developer. The author easily shows how to perform tasks and create applications through step-by-step methods and practices through good coding practices.

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3. Oracle APEX Cookbook – Marcel van der Plas, Michel van Zoest

Oracle APEX Cookbook is one of the best books to learn about Oracle APEX. What makes this book so famous is its layout and structure of details. Every chapter has sections according to a common template containing an introduction, application, functionality, and extra useful information. It makes it one of the most sought-after in the top 10 best Oracle APEX books. An aspiring developer can gain much knowledge because of the content and content layout of this book. Several industry leaders also recommend this book for its exceptional tips and tricks.

About the Authors:

Marcel van der Plas is an Oracle Consultant from Eindhoven, Netherlands. His career spans almost two decades, providing consultation to global firms on Oracle Platforms. Some of the Oracle platforms in which Marcel van der Plas expertise are Designer, Forms, and Reports. During the later stage of their career, he turned towards Oracle APEX and provided some groundbreaking consultancy on the same.

Some of the Global companies to which Marcel van der Plas provided consultancy are Ciber, Aos Origin, and Whitehorses. While providing consultation to Whitehorses, Marcel van der Plas wrote articles on Oracle named White books. Marcel van der Plas helps the community of developers through the blogs on his BlogSpot page.

Michel van Zoest is an Oracle consultant and the first Oracle Application Developer Certified Expert in the World. He is well versed in Oracle platforms like Web Forms, Designer, SOA Suite, APEX, and several other programming languages. Zoest also has several years of experience in providing consultancy services to several renowned companies.

Michel van Zoest is currently working at Whitehorses company in the Netherlands. He used his vast knowledge and skills in writing this book along with Marcel van der Plas. Marcel van der Plas and Michel van Zoest collaborated and wrote this book while working for Whitehorses.

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4. Oracle Application Express: Build Powerful Data-Centric Web Apps with APEX – Arie Geller, Brian Spendolini

Oracle Application Express is an Oracle Press guide published to help developers create web applications. Methods provided in this book help create applications having reliability, scalability, flexibility, and heightened security. The book contains structured details about the techniques and examples of coding successful web applications. Some of the great takeaways from this book are the use of App Builder, Page Designer, APEX Themes, and wizards.

About the Authors:

Arie Geller provides IT consultancy services to some of the major companies using Oracle Database. Geller also has more than 3 decades of experience in independent consultancy. Arie Geller has specialization in the development of applications with right-to-left-orientation.

Arie Geller has been working with Oracle APEX since it was initially released as HTML DB 1.6. Since then, he has worked in Oracle IDE to create efficient web applications for his clients.  He has excellent knowledge in various fields like analytics, development, IT framework, etc. Arie Geller shares his knowledge in APEX with the community through OTN.

Brian Spendolini is a Product Manager at Oracle DB Tools from Kawaihae, Hawaii, United States. Previously Brian Spendolini used to work as Product Manager for database cloud services in OCI. He has been in association with Oracle Corporation for almost two decades now. Brian Spendolini graduated from Syracuse University and knew English and Japanese.

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5. Pro Oracle Application Express (Expert’s Voice in Oracle) – John Scott, Scott Spendolini

This book explains how adapting to Oracle APEX is easy, but full use though perfect implementation is hard. The book describes how higher-level programming tools are applicable in creating the best applications through maximum utilization of Oracle APEX. In Pro Oracle Application Express, the authors describe the non-utilized concepts of integrating AJAX, UI/UX customization, localized translation. This book will surely help any professional to increase their website’s scope through unchartered features of APEX.

About the Authors:

John Scott is a Software Development Consultant who hails from Leeds, England. He is the founder of APEX Evangelists Ltd and has been its Director since its inception in 2007. Under the guidance of John Scott, the main focus of APEX Evangelists Ltd is providing software solutions to healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprises.

He has been a part of a team that created new tools to integrate with Oracle Database systems. John Scott has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield. John Scott occasionally shares his knowledge with the community of developers through his blogs.

Scott Spendolini hailing from Austin, Texas, United States, has been a Senior Director at Oracle since 2020. He used to work for Oracle for almost a decade at the beginning of his career. Scott Spendolini graduated from Syracuse University with Dual Major Honours in MIS and Telecommunication. He is an active developer with many credits to his name for creating Oracle APEX-oriented products.

Scott Spendolini has been a part of the team that launched Oracle APEX and its initial versions. During his Consultancy career, Scott Spendolini provided services to several establishments to implement Oracle APEX. He has also authored two books on Oracle APEX. Scott Spendolini usually shares his knowledge with freshers and professionals through classes, seminars, his blog page, and Oracle’s official blog page.

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6. Beginning Oracle Application Express – Rick Greenwald

Beginning Oracle Application Express is a book written while particularly keeping in mind APEX rookies. The easy-to-understand language and detailed information of this book help an unfamiliar individual to learn Oracle APEX easily. This book is also useful for Access Developers who want to create more scalable and reliable applications. The book has several tips for integrating several database systems and reducing maintenance for web applications.

About the Author:

Rick Greenwald, a database developer from Scottsdale, Arizona, is the Research Director at Gartner Group. He has over two decades of experience in the IT industry providing services in Database Systems. The key specialties of Rick Greenwald include operational & cloud databases, database migration, and data warehousing & integration.

Rick Greenwald had worked in Oracle Corporation for around 13 years in the capacity of Director. Rick Greenwald is a vivid preacher of Oracle Databases through his research publications and seminars conducted by Gartner. He is the author of over a dozen books on IT and Databases.

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7. Oracle APEX 20 For Beginners

Oracle APEX 20 For Beginners is a great book to learn about Oracle APEX. The book might look huge, but the modular layout and details make it easier to understand APEX. As the title says, this book allows the creation of eye-catching and scalable web applications rapidly. One can use the examples and practices to create highly efficient web applications. The book is surely a great contender in the 10 best Oracle APEX books.

About the Author:

Riaz Ahmed has been a Senior Director of Software Development in Oracle Corporation for the past 3 decades. He also authored more than a dozen books about Oracle APEX alone. Riaz Ahmed acquired an MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Louisiana State University. He hails from Redwood City in California, United States.

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8. Beginning Oracle Application Express 5 – Doug Gault

Beginning Oracle Application Express 5 introduces Oracle APEX version 5 to the readers. The new version increased UI through page builders, universal themes, web services support, and compact application packages. This book provides all the required knowledge to a professional to upgrade to version 5. With its help, they can start creating enhanced apps from day one. The pace of the exercise helps the easier and faster implementation of Oracle APEX 5 as an upgrade to the existing version.

About the Author:

Doug Gault is a Senior Manager in the Software Development division of Oracle Corporation. He specializes in Database Architecture, System Architecture & Design, Agile, Consulting, and Project Management. eXtreme Programming, DSDM, Scrum, and Feature Driven Development methodologies as effective means of development are some specialties of Gault.

He has been a consultant with Oracle since the time of Oracle 5.1B, SQL. Initially, his focus was on expanding Oracle’s reach, and in the last few years, he has been advocating Oracle APEX. Doug Gault participated in several conferences and seminars to share his vast experience and knowledge in Oracle Database systems. He hails from Fort Worth, Texas, and has a Diploma in Computer Science from Indian Hills Community College.

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9. Oracle APEX Best Practices – Alex Nuijten, Iloon Ellen Wollf, Learco Brizzi

In this book, the authors provided knowledge gained from years of experience in using Oracle APEX. They provide the best methods to create a web application the provides business-specific results. All the authors are among global leaders in their fields. It gives the reader assurance on the quality of web applications created with their help. This book is surely one of the most important among the top 10 best Oracle APEX books.

About the Authors:

Alex Nuijten is a Senior Oracle Developer from the Netherlands who has been working with AllAPEX as Director since 2016. His numerous contributions led him to become the Oracle ACE Director since 2010. He is also a frequent speaker at international conferences on Oracle APEX. Alex Nuijten is the co-author of two Oracle APEX books.

Iloon Ellen Wollf is a Consultant Developer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has been the Director of Iloon Consultancy since its inception in 2018. Before that, she used to conduct training and consultancy services for various reputed companies. Iloon Ellen Wollf’s main expertise is in Agile & Scrum and customer relations management.

Learco Brizzi is the Director and owner of Itium BV in the Netherlands. He adapted to Oracle APEX upon its launch and created an application to download music. Learco Brizzi’s app was one of the first major app developed with Oracle APEX.  He has more than two decades of experience in Oracle. Learco Brizzi started working from initial versions of Oracle products like Forms, Reports, and Designer. He is the author of two books on Oracle APEX and the Oracle ACE award recipient.

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10. Oracle Application Express Administration: For DBAs and Developers – Francis Mignault, Luc Demanche

As the title describes, this book is for Database Structural Architectures, Database Administrators, and Database Developers. It helps them to monitor APEX. And perform tasks like installations & uninstallations and Backup & Recovery of Oracle Database. Any other reader who wishes to pursue a career or learn about Oracle DB can also use this book. With the tips and tricks of this book, a DB developer can boost the performance and efficiency of the APEX engine.

About the Author:

Francis Mignault is an APEX Specialist currently working at Insum Solutions Inc. for the past two decades. He authored two books on Oracle APEX and is the winner of the Oracle ACE award. Francis Mignault’s specialties are Database Administration, Agile & Scrum, Database Design, and Database Architecture.

Luc Demanche is a director at Insum Solutions Inc. with almost two decades of experience in Oracle Database systems. He has a degree in Computer Science from Universite de Sherbrooke and worked as Oracle Database Administrator with several companies. His expertise in cloud computing through Oracle DB, which he shares through seminars and classes.

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Is Oracle Apex hard to learn?

No. Oracle APEX uses a low code language, so it is quite easy to learn. Also, with the knowledge of JavaScript, one can easily learn Oracle APEX in a few days.

What is Oracle APEX used for?

Oracle APEX is applicable in creating and managing web and enterprise applications that are more scalable and reliable.

Is Oracle APEX an ERP?

No. Oracle APEX is not an ERP. It is a development environment. The use of Oracle APEX is to create ERP software.

Is APEX oracle free?

Yes. Oracle APEX is available free of cost with all its features.

Where can I learn Oracle APEX?

You can learn Oracle APEX from institutes, online platforms, and books. Books will be a better option to learn at your own pace and time. You can learn from any of the mentioned 10 best Oracle APEX books.


The scope of Oracle APEX is always increasing due to its reliability, scalability, and efficiency. One can always opt for books to learn at own convenience. While selecting a book, a reader must always keep in mind to verify the author’s credibility. Oracle Corporation gives ACE awards to exceptional talents globally.

If you find a popular book written by some talented and awarded professional, you must go for it. The authors of all the books mentioned here are expert professionals. All the listed books are popular in all major articles regarding the top 10 best Oracle APEX books. So, go ahead and select a book today to learn and perfect your Oracle APEX skills.

Quick List of Oracle Apex Books