Oracle Apex: Check if Item Value Changed

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Determining if item value changed in Oracle Apex.

In Oracle Apex, you can check if an item value changed using the JavaScript API method isChanged(). The following is an example of it.

Check/Determine if an Item Value Changed in Oracle Apex

JavaScript method isChanged(), compares the current value with the value at the time on page load, and if it finds a difference, then returns True else False.

In the following example, it will check for the field salary (P3_SALARY) using the apex.item namespace, if the value changed, then it will give the alert message to verify again.

if (apex.item("P3_SALARY").isChanged()) {
apex.message.alert('You modified the salary, please verify again!');


Determining if item value changed in Oracle Apex.

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  1. Santosh Jadhav

    Its not working with Type "Number Field" item. Please suggest

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