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Oracle Apex: Auto Refresh Report After a Specified Interval

To auto-refresh, a report in Oracle Apex, use the setInterval() method to specify the interval in milliseconds and use jQuery to refresh the report region. The following are the steps:

1. Specify a Static ID for the interactive or classic report

In Oracle Apex, click on the report region, then in the property palette, scroll down to the Advanced section and specify a static id in the field, for example, projects_report.

2. Add jQuery code to the page to Auto-Refresh the Report

Click on the page, go to the JavaScript section, and add the following jQuery code to the Execute when the page loads text area. 1000 milliseconds is equal to 1 second, so specify the interval as needed.

// this will auto-refresh the projects report every 10 seconds.
setInterval("jQuery('#projects_report').trigger('apexrefresh');", 10000);

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