Breadcrumblist - a value for position field is required error.

I have one more blog How to Guides, which is on Blogger, and a few days back I got a notification from Google Search Console, that there is a BreadCrumb issue "Missing field position". And when I tested the URL on the Google Structured Data testing tool, then I got the full error information and it was "A Value for the position field is required." error for BreadCrumbList schema markup. Below is the screenshot:

Breadcrumblist - a value for position field is required error.

The following is the HTML code line, which was having the issue:

<span class='labeltag' itemprop='itemListElement' itemscope='' itemtype=''>

To resolve this error, you need to add the Position property with an integer value in the above code. To do this, follow these steps:

Resolve "A Value for the Position Field is required." Error for BreadCrumbList Schema Markup in Blogger

1. Open your blog in the Blogger, and navigate to the Theme > Edit HTML and search for the itemListElement as shown in the below image:

Blogger: search in HTML.

2. This is the same line in which it is having the issue "A Value for the position field is required.". Now add the following code <span itemprop='position'>1</span> to this line and the complete line will be as shown below:

<span class='labeltag' itemprop='itemListElement' itemscope='' itemtype=''><span itemprop='position'>1</span>

3. After adding the code, click on the Save Theme button to save the changes and test again in the Google Structured Data testing tool, and you will find no issues.

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  1. Sunil Singh

    sir ye to sahi ho gaya but ek error or hai One of name or must be provided.
    if you have time then response me thanks

  2. Son Nguyen

    Thank you. I fix the error for my website.

  3. Vijay

    Hi I am also getting the error but in the wordpress CMS, I cant find out 'itemListElement' in that. Could you please fix the same for wordpress CMS, also using YOAST SEO Plugin

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