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Dynamic Action setting for a button.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to refresh the report region using dynamic action in Oracle Apex.

Refresh Report Region Using Dynamic Action Example in Oracle Apex

Here I have two regions on my page; one is the search region, and the other is a report region based on the EMP table.

In the search region, I have the following items:

  1. P2_EMPNO (Text Item)
  2. B_SEARCH (Button)

In the report region, I have added the following where clause:

empno = nvl(:p2_empno, empno)

And then I set to Page Items to Submit to P2_EMPNO. Below is the screenshot of the above settings:

Oracle Apex Report Region

Then for the B_SEARCH button, go to the Behaviour section and set the Action to Defined by Dynamic Action.

Now create a Dynamic Action for the button B_SEARCH with the setting shown in the below images:

Oracle Apex Dynamic Action Setting for Button.

Dynamic Action setting for a button.

Save the changes and run. You will have the output, as shown below:

Oracle Apex Refresh Report using dynamic action demo.

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