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Python Program to Find Most Common Elements in List

Here is a Python program to find the most common elements in a list.

Python Program to Find Most Common Elements (Repeated Values) in a List

words = [
   'see', 'into', 'my', 'eyes', 'see', 'into', 'my', 'eyes',
   'the', 'eyes', 'the', 'eyes', 'the', 'eyes', 'not', 'around', 'the',
   'eyes', "don't", 'see', 'around', 'the', 'eyes', 'see', 'into',
   'my', 'eyes', "you're", 'under'

from collections import Counter
word_counts = Counter(words)
top_three = word_counts.most_common(3)

morewords = ['why','are','you','not','seeing','in','my','eyes']


[('eyes', 8), ('the', 5), ('see', 4)]
[('eyes', 9), ('the', 5), ('see', 4)]

Process finished with exit code 0

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