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How to Find Table Dependencies in Toad?

In Toad, you can check the PL/SQL program’s list (procedures, functions, triggers, etc.) which depends on a particular table in the Oracle database. Follow these steps to find the table dependencies in Toad for Oracle.

Find The Dependencies For a Table in Toad For Oracle

  1. After connecting to your database user in Toad, click on the menu Database > Schema Browser.
  2. Then from the Table’s tab, select the table for which you want to find the dependencies.
  3. When you select the table by clicking on it, the right side multiple tabs window will display the information about the selected table.
  4. Then click on the Used By Tab to view the dependencies for the table. You can also check the Referential Tab to check the parent and child tables for the selected database table. Below is the screenshot.

find table dependencies for a table in Oracle using Toad

You can also view the dependencies for a table from the database dictionary view ALL_DEPENDENCIES. The following is the query to check the dependencies for the HR schema’s Employees table.


The output would be the same as above.

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