Open_Form in Oracle Forms Example

In Oracle Forms, Open_form built-in is used to open a form from another form.

Open_Form Examples

1. Open a form without parameter in Oracle Forms

In this example, it will call the form emp without passing any parameter to it.

open_form('emp', activate, no_session);


open_form in oracle forms
2. Open a form with the parameter in Oracle Forms

In this example, it will call the emp form with the parameter to display the current date on the form.

v_parm paramlist;


v_parm := Get_Parameter_List('empparam');

IF NOT Id_Null(v_parm) THEN

v_parm := CREATE_PARAMETER_LIST ('empparam');

ADD_PARAMETER (v_parm, 'P_DATE', text_parameter, to_char(sysdate, 'dd/mm/yyyy'));

OPEN_FORM ('emp', activate, no_session, v_parm);



open_form to call another form in Oracle Forms

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