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How to Associate a File Type With Language in Notepad++

Sometimes we need to work on programming languages which are not configured in Notepad++ to show syntax colouring. For example, sometimes I work on Pro*c files which are having an extension pc and when I open a pc file I want notepad++ to show syntax colouring for SQL files. But it didn’t show then I manually select the language from the language menu. Which I don’t like to do always.

Then I researched in notepad++ and I found a setting with which you can associate a file type with language in notepad++. Below are the steps to do this.

Associate a File Type with Language in Notepad++

  1. Goto Settings > Style Configurator
  2. Scroll language list to find your language and then click on it and then user ext text box will appear as shown in below image. Then type the extension name there and save it.

Associate file type with language in notepad++

You can see above in user ext box I typed pc pls and plb extensions to always show syntax colouring for SQL language.

This way you can associate a file type with language in Notepad++.

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