Installing Oracle Forms 10g on Windows 10 Without Error

You can install Oracle Forms 10g on Windows 10 systems, but sometimes installation crashes in between due to few reasons. To install Oracle Forms 10g on Windows 10 without error, follow the below procedures.

First, you need to set compatibility property for setup.exe. To do this locate the setup.exe file in the installation folder and right-click on it, then click on compatibility tab and then set Compatibility mode to Windows XP service pack 3 or 2 as shown in below image.

Set compatibility mode to windows xp service pack 3

After applying the setting, check the path variable in windows, if it is very lengthy then cut the path and paste it into a text file while installing. Because installation does not support the lengthy path, so leave a single value in it for the time being and remove the rest. You can reset the value after installation. But remember, Oracle Forms 10g installation also will set the path in that variable, you must add (append) the path value you cut before, so that path setting for Oracle forms 10g should remain.

After resolving the Path variable as above, now check for LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, if the variable exists then copy its setting and remove it for the time being and after installation re-creates it.

Now run the setup.exe to install Oracle Forms 10g on Windows 10, and it should not fail. But if it is still failing then check the log files at C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Inventory\logs location. You may find some hint of unsuccessful installation.

You can also install Windows XP on Windows 10 using Virtual Box and then install Oracle Forms 10g in it. Check my post How to Install Windows XP on Windows 10?

Vinish Kapoor

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