If you are trying to search files in Windows 7 date wise, then you will find the only option is Date Modified but if you want to find files created today or created date wise then you will not be able to find any option for that. But there is a trick with which you can easily find recently created files in Windows 7, actually I mean you can find files created date wise in Windows 7.

Windows does not show option for this I don't know why but you can simply search files created date wise as shown in following examples. Type below keywords in Search Box of My Computer:

To find / search files created today:


To find / search files created on any date just type datecreated: in search box as shown below to get the calendar:


Calendar will appear as shown below. Select the date or select the range to search files created on specified dates.

Easily Find Recently Created Files in Windows 7
Search files created date wise

Vinish Kapoor

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