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How I Found My Lost Bag Which I Forgot In Bus Of Hong Kong

I have been to Hong Kong several times and I am very much familiar with most of the places in Hong Kong. But this time I got some new experience when I forgot my one bag in bus A41 which was from Airport to Shatin Central Bus Stop.

I was very tired due to connecting flight and I was carrying 3 bags with me and I took a bus A41 from Airport for Shatin Central Bus Station and when I reached Shatin Central station I just took my Laptop bag and main luggage bag and I forgot my 3rd bag in which some other important items were there.

After getting off I realized with 1 minute that I forgot my one bag in bus but in the mean time bus was already left.

I got little upset and thought that it is impossible to get that bag now but I hope that may be I get because this is Hong Kong.

Next day I just Googled about the A41 bus to get any contact information and I get the information that this bus belongs to Long Win Bus Limited company and the customer service number is 22612791.

Then I just contacted to the above number and gave the details to them that how it happened and about my bag that what color of bag and what was the contents of bag. After getting information from me the customer service person told me that they will contact me when they found the bag.

And simply next day I got the call from Long Win Bus company that they found my bag and told me to pick up from the Long Win Bus Terminus Airport and I got really happy and appreciated them for their good and reliable services.

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