Change application title step 1.

Follow these just 5 simple steps to change an application title in Oracle Apex (Oracle Application Express).

1. In your application builder of Oracle Apex, click on the Edit Application Properties as shown below:

Change application title step 1.

2. Then click on User Interface Tab as shown below:

Change application title step 2.

3. After that click on Logo Tab, then change the application name in the Logo field, here you can specify an image also for the application title and then click on the Apply Changes button to save the changes.

Change application title step 3.

Vinish Kapoor

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  1. David Lipschitz

    Thanks for your help Vinish. It is appreciated and I find myself on your site quite often after searching in DuckDuckGo.

    I would like to set the Application Name programmatically so that I can use the Title Bar as a kind of menu for my application.

    1. Vinish Kapoor

      You can change the Application Title using the following JavaScript code:

      var isNormalPage = document.getElementsByClassName('apex-logo-text');
      if (isNormalPage.length > 0) {
        document.getElementsByClassName('apex-logo-text')[0].innerText = "New Title Here";

      To add this code, open the global page (0), and create a dynamic action for page load and set the action as Execute JavaScript code. Then put the above code in the code section.

      You can reference the application items too if the items are based on the database value. For example:

      var isNormalPage = document.getElementsByClassName('apex-logo-text');
      if (isNormalPage.length > 0) {
        document.getElementsByClassName('apex-logo-text')[0].innerText = "&APP_USER.";
    2. David Lipschitz

      Thanks Vinish.

      I have added a new Template Page with the following:

         <div class="t-Header-logo">
           <a href="#HOME_LINK#" class="t-Header-logo-link">#LOGO#</a>
         <div class="t-Header-logo" >

      This gives me my logo, left justified next to the Hamburger Icon and the &APP_NAME. centred in white in the middle of the Title Bar, which is fine.

      And it works fine. What I'd like to do is to be able to modify the APP_NAME substitution variable and refresh the page. I can then refer to my new page template throughout my application. It would be great if I could change this on my main page, but I can't figure out how to do that.

    3. David Lipschitz

      One way to do this is to add a hidden item on Page 0 and set it and display it in the Title Bar, eg &APP_NAME. &P0_APP_NAME.

    4. Vinish Kapoor

      Yes, this approach seems to be fine.

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