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Get Apple ID Account Reviewed With iTunes Without Credit Card

Are you facing problems during Apple ID account review with iTunes? Here is the solution to get your Apple ID account reviewed with iTunes smoothly without entering credit card details.

Sometimes it got stuck during Apple ID account review by iTunes, I don't know exactly what is the reason but it occurs if you are registering from India or any other country other than US. Also if you will create account then you will not get the None option in payment method section, it means you have to enter the credit card details while reviewing the account with iTunes. Which seems not good if you don't want to make purchases accidentally.

Get reviewed apple id account by itunes without getting stuck
So the solution is to register your Apple ID account with iTunes without having any problem and without entering your credit card details by downloading iTunes software on your computer system (you can download with the following link http://www.apple.com/in/itunes/download/) then follow the following steps:
Install the iTunes software on your computer then run the software.
Scroll down in the software and click on the Change Country option as shown in below image.
iTunes change country option
After clicking on the change country option you will get the list of country as shown below, then select the United States.
After clicking on the United States link just register a new Apple ID account by clicking on profile button as shown below.
Then simple enter your details and choose None in payment method and your account will be created without credit card details and reviewed automatically with iTunes.
Now you can login into your Apple iPhone with the registered Apple ID easily.