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Lockerdome - A Fantastic Interest Based Social Network

LockerDome is an interest based social network website founded in 2008. LockerDome - as it says, it helps you personalize the web. Yes with Lockerdome you can view the web content topic wise and also you can share your website or blog's content with Lockerdome in a particular topic or category. Means you don't need to add list of websites or social pages, but a topic containing multiple articles from multiple websites or social pages. You can create your on personalized pages for your favorite topics and in Lockerdome it is called Lockers, in which you can add external content of your interests as Hang and also you can add your own blog or website's content. A viewer can Vote also in Lockerdome by making an article Interesting or Not Interesting. Below is the screen shot of Lockerdome page for Tech topic:

Lockerdome tech topic page

For me Lockerdome is a good option to share my blog's content across the web to target people looking for interest based content. It is having many other features you can check your self by visiting the site with the following link https://lockerdome.com/