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Blogger’s New “Featured Post Gadget” (Launched in December 2015)

Blogger created a new gadget Featured Post to highlight a particular post in blogger blog, so that visitors would be able to get the attention about that post and able to view it. The following are the steps to how to add a “Featured Post Gadget / Widget” to your blog in blogger.

Add Featured Post Gadget / Widget in Blogger Blog

1. Go to Layout section of the blog and click on Add a Gadget and then select Feature Post gadget from the popup window, as shown in below image:

Add Featured Post Gadget / Widget in Blogger

2. Then the following window will appear and then just choose Label from the drop down list and then choose the particular post in that label to show in Featured Post widget as shown in below image:

Blogger's new Featured Post Gadget

You are done, it will now show the Featured Post in your blog.

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