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How to Check How Many Users Logged in Linux/Unix

You can check how many users logged in Linux or Unix systems. To check currently logged in users in Linux/Unix there are multiple commands are available like who, w, finger and pinky. Below is the example to display the users logged in Linux/Unix box with who command:

$ who

The following is the sample of four columns 1st is user name, 2nd is terminal name, 3rd is logged in time and the 4th is from where they logged in:

vkapoor   pts/3 Nov 01 12:23 (
foxuser    pts/5 Nov 01 13:22 (xyz.ip)

Use the am i option to view the current user information as shown below:

$ who am i

There is another command w the alternative to who command and gives the information in more details. Below is the example to check the currently logged in users Linux with w command:

$ w

To view a specific user’s logged in details with w command, use the w command with user name, as showing in the following example:
$ w vkapoor
You can use the finger command also to list the users logged in, as shown in below example:
$ finger
Similarly use the pinky command to list out the users logged in Linux:
$ pinky

How to check how many users logged in linux/unix