I have already posted in my previous post Running Reports Using Run_Product to run reports in Oracle Forms 6i and in this post I am using the same procedure to run report but I am providing a demo form also.
Below is the screen shot of this form and source code including sql script, report file and a fmb file can be download with the following link Run_Product.Zip
You can comment below if you have any questions and queries.
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Vinish Kapoor

An Oracle Apex Consultant, Oracle ACE, and founder of foxinfotech.in and orclqa.com a question and answer forum for developers.

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  1. V. Kapoor

    Simply get_file_name function is used in browse button to get the file name... and you have the code you can change it.. if you find any problem.. here, it is working fine in forms 6i...

  2. Lokanadham Thandlam


    When we click the Browse button, Generally the Open window should be open. But in case of your forms, when I click on button, its opening nothing. Kindly give me solutions.

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