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Populate A List Item With Record Group In Oracle Forms Using Populate_List And Create_Group_From_Query Command

Example is given below to Populate a List Item in Oracle Forms using Create_Group_From_Query , Populate_List and Populate_Group command. In this example you can specify the query at run time to populate the list item with that query result.
Following is the screen shot for this example
You can also download this Oracle Form fmb from Google Drive with the following link Listitem.fmb
The following is the code written on the “Populate List With The Above Query” button:
   rg_name   VARCHAR2 (40) := ‘DYNGRP’;
   rg_id     RecordGroup;
   errcode   NUMBER;
   ** Make sure group doesn’t already exist
   rg_id := FIND_GROUP (rg_name);
   ** If it exists then delete it first then re-create it.
   if not id_null(rg_id) then
   end if;
      rg_id :=
            rg_name, :txtqry);
   ** Populate the record group
   errcode := POPULATE_GROUP (rg_id);
     populate_list(‘OLIST’, ‘DYNGRP’);