I already posted about my Hospital Management Software based on Oracle Forms, and now I am giving an option for users to buy its OPD and IPD Registration part with billing system, I extracted a part of this software so that users can buy easily at a low price and if they satisfied then they can buy the whole software. This OPD & IPD registration and billing software can be used in Hospitals, nursing homes, etc. to maintain OPD (Outdoor patient registration) and IPD (Indoor patient registration) records and their billing information.
You can download this project for free with the following link HMS Project
An installation guide readme.txt file and forms related files and database dump are available in this project.

File Hospital.fmb is containing the following:


Overall the project is containing the following files:

Screen shots of this project:


How to Import Database Dump hospital.dmp File?

The below is the import (imp) command example to import dump file in Oracle Database. Change the file location with yours and change the touser to your Oracle database schema/user. Also, change the userid with your database credentials. Do not change the fromuser=hms.
imp file=f:\temp\hospital.dmp fromuser=hms touser=scott userid=scott/tiger@orcl
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  1. Shahbaz Ali

    When I try to imp the file, It gave an error i.e. imp-00010: not a valid export file, header failed verification
    any solution to this problem.

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