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Learn How To Create eBook From Word Document And Publish On Amazon and On Google Play

In this blog you will learn to how to create an ebook from MS Word document file step by step and after that you will learn to publish or sell you newly created ebook on Amazon Kindle and on Google Play and make money from it.

Below is the steps described to create an ebook by creating an MS Word document file:

1. Start Microsoft Word and the blank document will open, then first save it by providing any name related to your eBook eg. "My Cooking Recipes".

2. Every eBook should have a good front cover page so insert a cover page in it by clicking on Insert tab and then click on cover page as shown below:

3. Then select any cover you like and it will insert into your document as show below:

4. Then modify the Titles and Author name etc. as per your requirement.

5. Now your cover page is inserted and now you should insert an index or content page in because every book should have the content or index page and for this go to next page and click on References tab and then click on Table of Contents as shown below:

6. After click on the selected Table it will insert it in to your page as following:

7. Presently it will not show any Content's Heading because you have no content, so create content by creating proper headings and choose heading formats from the Home tab then choose heading1 as shown below:

8. Create headings and content and you can update Content Index at any time by clicking on the link on Content Table as shown below:

9. Now you can create unlimited topics by creating proper heading formats and content.

10. After completing your document Save As in PDF format by clicking on File tab and then click on Save As after that the following dialog will come then select the Save As Type PDF file then save it.

Now your eBook is ready and you can publish now for free or by specifying a price for this.

Below are the steps to publish / sell your eBook on Amazon Kindle:

1. Go to https://kdp.amazon.com/ and sign in with your Amazon id and password if your do not have one then create it its very simple and free, after that you will be redirected to your Kindle book publish page as shown below:

2. You can start by clicking on Add new title button in above image and give your eBook details you created recently.

Publish your eBook on Google Play

1. Go to https://play.google.com/books/publish and login with your Gmail account if you do not have one then create it, it will then redirect to the following page as shown below:

2. You can start adding your eBook by clicking on Add Book button as shown in above image.

For both on Amazon and on Google Play you need to upload also the cover page image of your eBook so create the cover page JPEG file by capturing your eBook cover page.

Now after publishing on both your eBook will be live in 12 to 24 hours. Enjoy...