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Trigger Execution Sequence Of Oracle Forms

Sequence of triggers fires on Commit.

1.  KEY Commit
2.  Pre Commit
3.  Pre/On/Post Delete
4.  Pre/On/Post Update
5.  Pre/On/Post Insert
6.  On commit
7.  Post Database Commit

Sequence of triggers fires when Form is opened and closed.

On Open
1.  Pre-Logon
2.  On-Logon      
3.  Post-Logon                        
4.  Pre-Form                          
5.  When-Create-Record              
6.  Pre-Block                          
7.  Pre-Record                        
8.  Pre-Text-Item                      
9.  When-New-Form-Instance    
10. When-New-Block-Instance  
11. When-New-Record-Instance
12. When-New-Item-Instance
On Close
1.  Post-Text-Item                
2.  Post-Record                    
3.  Post-Block                      
4.  Post-Form                        
5.  On-Rollback                  
6.  Pre-Logout                    
7.  On-Logout                      
8.  Post-Logout                  

Sequence of triggers fires when Navigating from one item to another.

1. Key-next
2. Post Change
3. When validate
4. Post text
5. Pre text
6. When new item instance

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