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Populating Tabular Data Block Manually Using Cursor in Oracle Forms

Suppose you want to populate a non-database data block with records manually in Oracle forms. This task can be done using a cursor. With Populating tabular data block manually using cursor in Oracle Forms, I mean is to loop through a data block to populate the data.
Below is the example given for hr.job_history table, where user input the employee id in upper block and click on the fetch button to populate the records from hr.job_history table into the lower tabular data block.

The following is the screen shot for this example: (you can also download the form from this link Job_History.fmb)

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For the employee id field of upper block write the When-Validate-Item trigger code as below:




Select first_name||' '||last_name into :ctrl.ename from hr.employees

  where employee_id = :ctrl.empid;


when no_data_found then

   message('Employee id does not exists');

   raise form_trigger_failure;


For the Fetch button write the When-Button-Pressed trigger code as below:

Cursor C_jobs
Select employee_id, start_date, end_date,
job_id, department_id
from hr.job_history
where employee_id = :ctrl.empid;
-- first clear the block if it contains any records
-- move control to first record;
-- open the cursor and populate the block
for cur in C_jobs loop
:job_history.employee_id := cur.employee_id;
:job_history.start_date := cur.start_date;
:job_history.end_date := cur.end_date;
:job_history.job_id := cur.job_id;
:job_history.department_id := cur.department_id;
-- move control to next record;
end loop;
-- again after completion move control to first record


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