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Example of Get_File_Name Function in Oracle Forms

Displays the standard open file dialog box where the user can select an existing file or specify a new file.

(directory_name VARCHAR2,
file_name VARCHAR2,
file_filter VARCHAR2,
message VARCHAR2,
dialog_type NUMBER,
select_file BOOLEAN;

Returns VARCHAR2

See also: A Practical example of Get_File_Name built-in


directory_name Specifies the name of the directory containing the file you want to open. The default value is NULL. If directory_name is NULL, subsequent invocations of the dialog may open the last directory visited.
file_name Specifies the name of the file you want to open. The default value is NULL.
file_filter Specifies that only particular files be shown. The default value is NULL. File filters take on different forms, and currently are ignored on the motif and character mode platforms. On Windows, they take the form of Write Files (*.WRI)|*.WRI| defaulting to All Files (*.*)|*.*| if NULL. On the Macintosh the attribute currently accepts a string such as Text.
message Specifies the type of file that is being selected. The default value is NULL.
dialog_type Specifies the intended dialog to OPEN_FILE or SAVE_FILE. The default value is OPEN_FILE.

Specifies whether the user is selecting files or directories. The default value is TRUE. If dialog_type is set to SAVE_FILE, select_file is internally set to TRUE.

GET_FILE_NAME examples
** Built-in: GET_FILE_NAME
** Example: Can get an image of type TIFF.
filename VARCHAR2(256)
filename := GET_FILE_NAME(File_Filter=> ’TIFF Files
READ_IMAGE_FILE(filename, ’TIFF’, ’block1.imagefld);

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