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Top 3 Books For Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c has helped Oracle customers deliver enterprise private cloud services up to ten times faster while helping them free up administration resources. Read more to discover how it can help your organization to streamline IT management processes and guide you in your transformation to cloud.

I am giving below the references for the Top 3 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c books:

Building and Managing a Cloud Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

By Madhup Gulati, Adeesh Fulay, and Sudip Datta View at Amazon.com

Building and Managing a Cloud Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c combines the science and art of leveraging Oracle technologies to build a cloud from scratch or to build on existing IT investments. The authors teach you how to quickly design and implement the various aspects of a cloud lifecycle, from setup to delivery to operation, with a focus on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. Strategies and best practices for building a solid cloud foundation for increased operational efficiency, greater business agility, and reduced costs are included.

Oracle Exadata Recipes

By John Clarke View at Amazon.com

Oracle Exadata Recipes takes an example-based, problem/solution approach in showing how to size, install, configure, manage, monitor, optimize, and migrate Oracle Database workloads on and to Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Whether you’re an Oracle DBA, UNIX/Linux administrator, storage administrator, network administrator, or Oracle developer, Oracle Exadata Recipes provides effective and proven solutions to accomplish a wide variety of tasks on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. You will learn how to install and configure Oracle Exadata, manage your Oracle Exadata hardware infrastructure, monitor and troubleshoot performance issues, and manage smart scan and cell offload processing.

Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

By Kellyn Pot’Vin, Anand Akela, Gokhan Atil, Alex Gorbachev, Niall Litchfield, Leighton Nelson, and Pete Sharman View at Amazon.com

DBAs and system administrators are expected to offer increasing levels of service for 24/7 systems and cloud environments. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c offers robust, end-to-end intelligent management of the complete systems environment. Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c covers basic monitoring and configuration, advanced metric extensions, and plug-ins while providing real-life scenarios and demonstrations that will help you become familiar with using the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c console.