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Date Picker Calendar For Oracle Forms 6i

Giving date picker calendar option to user for date type fields in Oracle Forms. I am providing you the form (FoxCal.Fmx) and two libraries (General.plx and Calendar.pll). You can download these files by clicking below link:

Download Form and required PLL

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How To Use

It is very simple to use, no need to attache any library to your form, just copy all three files to your current working directory of your application. Suppose you have a form and there is one or many date date type fields in the form. You have to create key-listval trigger for those date type fields or create a push button adjacent to those fields and paste the below code in when-button-pressed trigger:

pl_id paramList;
  pl_id := Get_Parameter_List(‘foxcal’);
  IF NOT Id_Null(pl_id) THEN  
  end if;
  pl_id := create_parameter_list(‘foxcal’);
  add_parameter(pl_id, ‘XPOS’, text_parameter, to_char(50));
  add_parameter(pl_id, ‘YPOS’, text_parameter, to_char(100));
  add_parameter(pl_id, ‘CURRDATE’, text_parameter, to_char(Sysdate));
  add_parameter(pl_id, ‘Label’, text_parameter, ‘Date Picker’);
  CALL_FORM(‘foxcal’, no_hide, do_replace, query_only, no_share_library_data, pl_id);
  :yourdateitem := :Global.G_LOV_Date;

Note: Your current working directory for form designer and runtime should be the directory where you copied the above mentioned three files.
Download the demo form from the following link Date Picker Demo


  1. Fabricio Fabricio December 12, 2013

    Hi , thaks for your contribution , I have a problem. I copied all three files to where i have my forms , and added the code to a button, but i get this error

    FRM-40010 Cannot read from foxcal

    Please help , thank you in advance

  2. V. Kapoor V. Kapoor December 12, 2013

    Hard code the path to call foxcal eg. C:yourappfoxcal.fmx or copy all the files in your app directory and change the working directory of your application shortcut to that directory where you copied the files.

  3. lalit tomar lalit tomar March 12, 2014

    HIII ….. I GOT …. :yourdateitem := :Global.G_LOV_Date;.. BAD BIND VARIABLE ERROR 49

  4. V. Kapoor V. Kapoor March 12, 2014

    change yourdateitem to your form field item…

  5. Nithin Jose Nithin Jose September 15, 2015

    Could you provide .fmb file also sir please. Because its compiled under windows and my environment is under linux. Please Help

  6. Shehzad Shehzad September 28, 2015

    kindly provide foxcal.fmb OR provide foxcal.fmx (compiled with 11g Fusion middle ware Forms builder). because your foxcal.frm is running with 6i but not with 11g Fusion middleware.

  7. tshifhiwa tshifhiwa July 24, 2016

    can you compile foxcal.fmx in 11g

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