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Some Date Function Examples In Oracle

Determining the First Date or Day in a Month In Oracle

You need to dynamically determine the first date in a given month at runtime. Oracle’s TRUNC function can be used on dates to perform start-of-period calculations, such as the first day of the month.

select trunc(sysdate,'mm')
from dual;


Our recipe was written on May 21st. Any arbitrary date, datetime, or timestamp expression can be

Calculating the Day of the Week in Oracle

Determining the day of the week, and also indicate whether it’s considered a work day or weekend.

select to_char(sysdate,'Day') Day_Of_Week,
when to_char(sysdate,'D') in (1,7) then 'Weekend'
else 'Weekday'
end Day_Type
from dual;

Running my example on a Monday returns the following results.
----------- --------
Monday Weekday

Conversely, running my example on a Saturday shows this output.
----------- --------
Saturday Weekend

Converting Strings to Datetime Values in Oracle

You need to convert date information provided in textual form to Oracle’s DATE format. Just as Oracle supports the TO_CHAR function to convert dates and times to text, it supports an equivalent function TO_DATE to perform the complementary process of converting text into dates and times.
select to_date('January 17, 2009', 'Month DD, YYYY') formatted_date
from dual;


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