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Remote Computer Did Not Respond Error in MTS Datacard


New MTS datacard configuration is slightly different from the previous ones. After installing the software / driver for new MTS datacard, you have to Activate it from the software also. If you will not click on Activate and trying to connect directly from Mblaze connect option you will get the error "Remote computer did not respond."

So first activate it from the software also after getting activated from the MTS. The problem is that it will not activate by click once only, you have to click again and again until you get the message "Plug out and Plug in again.", after getting this message you plug out the datacard and plug in again then you will get the connect button directly on the screen. In my case I tried around 30 to 40 times to activate.

After that you can connect to the internet.

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Note: Activate from software only after getting approved and activated from MTS.


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