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Creating the Flash Recovery Area in Oracle 11g

Creating the Flash Recovery Area in Oracle 11g

You want to create the flash recovery area for your database.
Before creating the flash recovery area, you should decide the following:
• Where you want the FRA to be created
• How much space should be allocated to the FRA
Having the answers to these questions in mind, you can then use the following process to
create the flash recovery area:
1. Disable the parameters log_archive_dest and log_archive_duplex_dest, if they are set
in the database. You can do that by issuing the following commands:

alter system set log_archive_duplex_dest = ”;
alter system set log_archive_dest = ”;

2. Log on as a user with the sysdba role (such as the user sys) in preparation to create the
flash recovery area:

sqlplus / as sysdba (if logged in as the Oracle software owner)
sqlplus sys/<PasswordOfUserSys> as sysdba

3. Issue the following commands to size and create the flash recovery area:

alter system set db_recovery_size = 4G;
alter system set db_recovery_dest = ‘/home/oracle/flasharea’;

The sequence of these commands is important; you have to issue them in that order,
not the reverse. However, do replace the size and path name with the values you have
chosen for your system.
That’s it; the flash recovery area is ready for operation.

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