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Calling / Running a report in Oracle forms 10g / 11g

Calling / Running a report in Oracle forms 10g / 11g

Below is the procedure to call a report in Oracle Forms 10g/11g  by passing report file name with full path and report format like ‘PDF’, ‘RTF’ etc.

Procedure call_report (preport In Varchar2, pformat In Varchar2)
      pi_id                paramlist;
      repno                Number;
      al_id                alert;
      al_report            Number;
      User                 Varchar2 (25);
      pass                 Varchar2 (25);
      today                Date;
      store_var            Varchar2 (150);
      vc_reportserverjob   Varchar2 (100);
      report_job_id        Varchar2 (100);
      repid                report_object;
      v_rep_status         Varchar2 (100);
      pi_id := Get_parameter_list (‘rep_param’);

      If Not Id_null (pi_id)
         Destroy_parameter_list (pi_id);
      End If;

      pi_id := Create_parameter_list (‘rep_param’);

      Add_parameter (pi_id,
      — report object
      — the below report object ‘cproreport’ must be created in Report object navigator.

      repid := Find_report_object (‘cproreport’);

      Set_report_object_property (repid, report_filename, Rtrim(:parameter.report_path)||preport);
      Set_report_object_property (repid, report_server, :parameter.r_server);
      Set_report_object_property (repid, report_execution_mode, RUNTIME);
      Set_report_object_property (repid, report_comm_mode, SYNCHRONOUS);
      Set_report_object_property (repid, report_destype, cache);
      Set_report_object_property (repid, report_desformat, pformat);

      vc_reportserverjob := Run_report_object (repid, pi_id);
      report_job_id :=
         Substr (vc_reportserverjob,
                 Length (:parameter.r_server) + 2,
                 Length (vc_reportserverjob));
      v_rep_status := Report_object_status (vc_reportserverjob);

      If v_rep_status = ‘FINISHED’
         web.show_document (
            || ‘:’
            || :parameter.port
            || ‘/reports/rwservlet/getjobid’
            || report_job_id
            || ‘?server=’
            || :parameter.r_server,
         Message (‘error when running report’ || v_rep_status);
      End If;

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