Download free software for Courier & Cargo / Logistic services. A very good software for small to midsize Courier companies to handle day to day consignments they receive from their clients. Software is having comprehensive reports for tracking and billing purposes.
Download CourierProSetup.rar from Google Drive with the following link:
Also providing the link for run time Dlls, if required then you can download from this link Vfp_Dlls.zip. You can download this zip file and after extracting copy all the dlls into \Windows\System32 folder.

Use this software and if you satisfied with the software and want to make it more customized then you can buy this software including source code with the following link:
If you experience any problem related to installation or running the application please comment on this page, so that I can solve the problem.

The following options are available in the software:

1    Outbound Party Creation (Clients)
2    Inbound Party Creation (Couier Associates)
3    Consignment Entry
4    POD updation
5    Final Billing
6    Voucher Entry
7    Cash Billing
8    Party Ledger and Related Reports
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Free download software for courier & cargo companies.

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  1. I was in a hurry, and the service guy told me that he really needs the application, but he'll deliver this package for a discount to make up for my trouble in filling out the application.
    Delivery service Minneapolis

    1. Not getting.. what actually you want... please explain and mail me on vinish@foxinfotech.in

  2. Hello I have problem, When I run software I get error "missing mvcrv71.dll" . I found that dll file on google but still don't work

  3. Where you copied that dll ? copy it into the installation folder of the software, then it will work, thanks.

  4. Hello, I'm in over my head when it comes to installing software of this nature. I don't know where to start. I really want to try this for my Courier business. Do you have any step-by-step instructions on how to install it?

    1. It is a free software and no support included, you have to install it your self.

  5. Do you have in php platform?

    Please kindly send link to my e-mail: sophea.ict@gmail.com

  6. Hi there.
    Can this software be installed on google drive? Thanks

  7. Hi there. Can this free software be installed on google drive? Thanks

  8. HI, is it possible to extract Excel sheet contact to n from into this app


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