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Friday, March 15, 2013

Posted by V. Kapoor
No comments | 9:13 AM
You have various JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP image files that need to be managed and backed up in the
database, and you need a way to do an initial load into the database.

Loading binary LOBs is a bit simpler than loading text-based LOBs.

Create a sequence for your image table’s unique identifier, plus the table itself:

create sequence img_seq;

create table image
img_num number,
img_nm varchar2(100),
img_blb blob,
ins_ts timestamp

Next, run an anonymous block to load the image SCREEN CAPTURE.BMP into your database table:

src_blb bfile; /* point to source BLOB on file system */
dst_blb blob; /* destination BLOB in table */
src_img_nm varchar2(100) := 'Screen Capture.bmp';
src_offset integer := 1; /* where to start in the source BLOB */
dst_offset integer := 1; /* where to start in the target BLOB */
src_blb := bfilename('LOB_SRC',src_img_nm);
insert into image (img_num, img_nm, img_blb, ins_ts)
values(img_seq.nextval, src_img_nm, empty_blob(), systimestamp)
returning img_blb into dst_blb;
dbms_lob.open(src_blb, dbms_lob.lob_readonly);
dest_lob => dst_blb,
src_bfile => src_blb,
amount => dbms_lob.lobmaxsize,
dest_offset => dst_offset,
src_offset => src_offset
dbms_output.put_line('Wrote BLOB to table: ' || src_img_nm);

After running this block, image will be loaded into blob and you can check the record with the following command:

select img_num, img_nm, ins_ts, length(img_blb) from image;


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