In blogger help to set a custom domain name for blogspot there is mention to set A records in Godaddy or other third party domain name provider, but in some cases it seems to be not working.

The problem is when you type your domain name in address bar without www it gives 404 error and not redirecting to your www.yourdomain.com.
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If you purchased a domain name from Godaddy.com then the solution of this problem is log in to your account in Godaddy.com and follow these steps:

  1. After loging to your account click on My Account button.
  2. In Domain tab click Launch.
  3. Check the checkbox near to your domain and from the above menu choose Forward to domain option.
  4. It will show a window asking to type a domain name with www.yourdomain.com for your naked domain yourdomain.com.
  5. Type in the field provided your full domain name eg. www.yourdomain.com, you can click the preview button to check the forwarding site.
  6. After confirmation click on OK and make sure the Auto DNS Update check box is checked.
Now you are done. It will take around an hour or so to forward naked domain to www.

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Forwarding naked domain to www for blogger.

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