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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Posted by V. Kapoor
No comments | 9:19 AM
You can change your blogger template with a new template you downloaded recently. The blogger templates comes with .xml extension.

First backup or download your old template to your computer before applying with a new template. To backup old template click -> Template then click the top right button Backup / Restore button, the following window will appear:

Click the download full template to backup old template 

To change a template, you can see in the above image the upload a template section to change a template, you can browse the template and upload it.

Another way to change the template is open your new template in a text editor and copy all the code and then click the Edit HTML button in Template section, the following window will appear:

Select all the code from the window and press delete key then paste the new template code and before saving it click the Preview button to view how the new template looks, if it is fine then click on Save Template button, if it is not fine then click on Clear Edits button and close the window. This is option is much safer.


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